Spressa® is an accessory designed for the AeroPress® and was brought to market using Kickstarter. All photos and graphics © Dan Erickson 2014 
Early pre-production prototypes
Spressa Mezzo in Cabernet for a Kickstarter backer
Handle CNC router manufacturing and finishing
Collar and Base CNC router manufacturing and finishing
Packaging with 95% - 100% post-consumer cardboard and foam made from cornstarch that is certified biodegradable and compostable. FSC and Rainforest Alliance Certified.
First series of Kickstarter rewards ready to be shipped
Examples of ambient and street marketing during the Kickstarter campaign
Post-Kickstarter production model of the Mezzo in use at Seattle Coffee Gear in Seattle
Sales materials for the 2015 SCAA Expo in Seattle
Spressa Mezzo in use by the winner of the Aeropress Game 2015 in Bundang, South Korea.
Production Spressa Mezzo in industry publications
Spressa Mezzo online sales in the US and South Korea
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